Rhodactis sp. and Euphyllia sp.

I am changing the reefscape a bit. I placed one stone with Rhodactis mushroom on the left-front and the Favia that ws there is moved to the right-front instead of the Cynarina. I will return the Cynarina. I have not enough space for it. I was thinking to return the Goniopora as well, because it is placing a shadow over the Turbinaria and Trachyphyllia.
I also introduced a few fragments of Euphyllia sp. and placed them far back.
Turbinaria (photo below) was again feeding on Formula One pellets today :-) well...
I have tested the tank today;
NO3 2.5ppm , PO4 less than 0.03ppm almost 0ppm , Calcium 440ppm , Temp.26'C
And for the reason the PO4 levels are kind of low, I have removed the Rowa PO4 remover from the filter for now. Symbiotic Zooxanthellae algae which are living in the coral tissue need nutrients like NO3, PO4, CO2 to thrive.
Everything seem to be in order.