Living Rock is indeed living ;-)

The photo above shows a critter called Chitons and is harmless. It came with the living rock. I have noticed this "shell" on one of the rocks and for almost two month I thought it was a fossilized animal. It didn't move until 2 days ago. It was probably hibernating (my assumption).

The next photo shows a very hungry looking Trachyphyllia with inflated polyps ready for feeding. On this image one can witness my Turbinaria eating an Ocean Nutrition Formula One pellet (shock) I couldn't believe it. This also happened yesterday. I believe that this coral feeds at day time. In the night time it hides the polyps making feeding impossible. I will observe it closely.
Spotted prawn goby is doing fine. Usually staying on one favorite spot and waiting for pray that is growing in the tank like Mysis, Cyclops, Amphipods, etc. I also feed it with pellets and frozen Artemia which it takes readily.