Asteriniid star

Asteriniid stars are harmless and very common in reef aquariums. They usually come with living rocks.


Bubble algae (Valonia) and Coral Wars

I have discovered a few Valonia Bubble algae growing in my Nano-Reef. This one was the biggest one. I have removed it manually (fingers) which was very easy really. This algae has a very strange "skin", like a rubber balloon. One should take care not to press it to hard while removing it, otherwise it could pop ;-) and release all the spores around the tank.

The next photo represents the Coral War! The Green Bubble coral (Plerogyra sinousa) is burning the much weaker Turbinaria coral (on the left-down). Corals fight for space in aquariums as well as in nature. The best thing to do is to move the weaker coral away a bit.
My Zoanthid colony is coloring very nicely (shot from above)
These green Trachyphyllia corals are showing off a very nice fluorescent color (photo from above).
Photos by Dusko Bojic.