Tubastrea sp. coral introduced

The Orange Sun Polyp is a very attractive animal that is non-photosynthetic (doesn't require light) and for that reason need daily feeding for best results. The one in the photo is still stressed, but after a few days should be in top form. I am feeding it once a day with small amounts of Cyclop-eeze.
The next photo represents the actual scape. I am pretty sure it is going to stay like this. I will add at least two-three more corals to fill in all the "holes".


Changing the Reef scape

I decided changing the scape. The first one was making the aquarium look way too small and kind of arranged (fake). This time I am trying to make it look as natural as possible. Reef looking. I have returned the Goniopora and Cynarina corals.

I introduced one Discosoma colony with nice green hue.
In the next photo one can see how Rhodactis feeds. It forms into a "cup" first, and after traps the pray into a ball, closing completely. It will feed on anything that falls into it; Artemia, dry fish food like Formula One pellets.
All inhabitants are doing well. The Trachyphyllia is also feeding on Formula One pellets.
Photos by Dusko Bojic.


Rhodactis sp. and Euphyllia sp.

I am changing the reefscape a bit. I placed one stone with Rhodactis mushroom on the left-front and the Favia that ws there is moved to the right-front instead of the Cynarina. I will return the Cynarina. I have not enough space for it. I was thinking to return the Goniopora as well, because it is placing a shadow over the Turbinaria and Trachyphyllia.
I also introduced a few fragments of Euphyllia sp. and placed them far back.
Turbinaria (photo below) was again feeding on Formula One pellets today :-) well...
I have tested the tank today;
NO3 2.5ppm , PO4 less than 0.03ppm almost 0ppm , Calcium 440ppm , Temp.26'C
And for the reason the PO4 levels are kind of low, I have removed the Rowa PO4 remover from the filter for now. Symbiotic Zooxanthellae algae which are living in the coral tissue need nutrients like NO3, PO4, CO2 to thrive.
Everything seem to be in order.


Living Rock is indeed living ;-)

The photo above shows a critter called Chitons and is harmless. It came with the living rock. I have noticed this "shell" on one of the rocks and for almost two month I thought it was a fossilized animal. It didn't move until 2 days ago. It was probably hibernating (my assumption).

The next photo shows a very hungry looking Trachyphyllia with inflated polyps ready for feeding. On this image one can witness my Turbinaria eating an Ocean Nutrition Formula One pellet (shock) I couldn't believe it. This also happened yesterday. I believe that this coral feeds at day time. In the night time it hides the polyps making feeding impossible. I will observe it closely.
Spotted prawn goby is doing fine. Usually staying on one favorite spot and waiting for pray that is growing in the tank like Mysis, Cyclops, Amphipods, etc. I also feed it with pellets and frozen Artemia which it takes readily.


Favia sp. and Amblyeleotris guttata

I have performed 10% water change today and have rinsed all filter media. The SG is at 1.025, temperature is at 26'C, PO4 is 0.03ppm, NO3 at 2,5ppm. I introduced some Rowa Po4 and Silicate remover to the filter media. I will dose 1 ml of Calcium chloride 3 times a week, 2ml Salifert All In One every week (Tuesdays), 1ml Iodine every second week (the 1st and the 3rd Thursday in a month). I also replaced the Nano Koralia 900 l/h pump with a Ferplast 250 l/h. Now I have less circulation than before, and corals seem be thriving much better. The circulation now is: Maxi Jet 680 l/h + Ferplast 250 l/h.

The Goniopora is thriving extremely well in these Nano conditions;
I introduced another stone coral - Favia sp.
I also added one Spotted prawn goby (Amblyeleotris guttata). It grows to 7cm.