Clownfish adopted Rhodactis Mushroom

A few days ago, one of my Clown fish adopted the Rhodactis Mushroom. The second Clown joined in today. The coral doesn't seem to be stressed.

Tests; NO3=5 ppm, PO4=0.03 ppm, Calcium at 460, KH 7, SG 1.022, Temp 24'C.
Calcium is a bit over the line. Will stop dosing it for a week and see what happens.
SG is a bit too low, will do next water change with higher salinity.


Orange Sponge and Purple Mushroom added

Photo 1 - taken from above (nice colors)
Next image is showing the final reef-scape.
I have introduced one colony of Purple Discosoma Mushrooms.
The Sun Polyp is doing well so far, but not perfect. It needs constant feeding and the mechanical filtration is trapping most of the food particles. I am seriously considering to remove all the mechanical filtration, like sponges etc. Filter sponge will trap all food particles, limiting food resources for the filter feeders (Orange Sponge, Sun Polyp, other corals and microscopic life form). The best thing is removing the food trap together with all sponges and filter floss, so food can freely float through the pumps and back into the aquarium. Food trapped in mechanical filters will only rot and pollute the water. One should ideally rinse all mechanical filters once a day. But instead I will take them out, next week before the water change.
This Orange Sponge doesn't need much light and ideally should be placed in low light areas. It should be fed 3-4 times a week with Phytoplankton.
"American" Zoanthids are doing fine, developing fine coloration (Green, Red, Blue and Yellow)
I am sure I have some sort of Pistol Shrimp in between the rocks. One day during the feeding time I have heard 2 clicking sounds and a small sand cloud came out side one crevice under the living rock. The Goby is almost all the time hiding in that exact spot under the rocks and comes out only at feeding time. Time will tell am I right. All snails and Crabs are still alive. I believe that Pistol Shrimp might be still small.
Photos by Dusko Bojic.