Time for testing the water

NO3 is 10ppm, PO4 is 0.03ppm, KH is 6.8, Calcium is 440ppm, SG 1.023, Temp 24'C.

So far no algae problems. All corals are looking great. I can see some corals burning each other but nothing major, except the Rhodactis mushroom burning very bad the Tubastrea. I have to remove it, or move it away a bit.

I have two small Aiptasias from the beginning and for some reason they are not thriving in this tank of mine. Folk usually has problems with them and report that once you have it, Aiptasia will spread rapidly all over the tank. But not in my tank. I am still trying to find the reason why. BTW I have never tried to kill it (boiled water, kalkwater, etc).
I will see will low KH make Aiptasia feel better :-) Like with everything else, even Aiptasias have their favorite conditions. Will test and see.


The maturing nano-reef

This reef is maturing nicely. No algae issues. I didn't have any problems so far.

Discosoma sp. died :-(

I didn't have time to update this, so I'll do it now. This Discosoma mushroom colony died suddenly. I wasn't sure what it was, but after researching abit I have figured out the culprit. The Euphyllia coral is know to release toxic substances in accordance to fight other corals. No other corals have suffered, but this one. And Discosoma was the hardiest coral I grow!! One could prevent this from happening by using Active Carbon which can absorb the lethal substance but I didn't know this back then.