Trochus sp. - the best hair algae eating snail

I have rearranged the aquascape a bit. I moved the Cynarina to the right and placed the new Green Bubble Coral far left. The Caulerpa taxifolia macro-algae is growing very fast. I will prune it next week. This algae is keeping my NO3 (Nitrate) levels at 5 ppm.

I also introduced one Trochus sp. snail for controlling the Hair algae.
It is truly amazing how this Bubble Coral changes form. During the day time it looks like this;
...and during the night time, it deflates, creating lots of polyps :-)
I will run the Koralia Nano pump only during the day for 12 hours. It will switch off as soon lights go off (set on timer). There is no need for so much circulation during the night time.
The specific gravity is 1.o24. Temperature is 25'C. NO2 is 0ppm and NO3 5ppm. So far everything seem to be in order.

Photos by Dusko Bojic.