First Corals in

My plan is to keep running with monthly 20% water change for as long as possible. I will test once a week for NO2 and NO3, write it down in my Blog (and here). After a few month I will come with the conclusion and of course will share it with you. I would like to test the skimmer and the Caulerpa "capacity" in removing nutrients. That is my goal at the moment. But lets cut this chat now and go visually back to my Nano Reef I have introduced 6 Corals today and here they are my ladies and gents; Most of them are still stressed, hiding the polyps, so next time I post the photos they should have the actual look.

45 min acclimatization;

Gonioporas polyps can grow to about 40cm, but usually much less in the aquarium (I hope )

One of the Blue-legged Hermits;
At the moment it looks like this, but the scape will change around;
The wide shot;