Caulerpa taxifolia macro-algae and more...

I introduced the Caulerpa taxifolia macro-algae to the set-up a few days ago. Macro algae are well know for their ability to uptake NO3 and PO4 and they look great in my opinion.2nd photo; This algae grows very fast indeed. After just two days, this Caulerpa sp. is sending out long runners with new "leaves" (since macro algae are unicellular, they actually have no leaves). One thing is to be done regularly with macro algae though...pruning.

I am very satisfied with my rock-work. The scape provides many crevices and platforms for Coral placing. The live rock was already cured for 4 weeks before being added to my nano tank, nice and clean. All rocks contain a fair amount of "purple" (Mesophyllum) and red (Peyssonnelia) calcareous Coraline algae.
The rock-work,
And since my Ammonia and NO2 is constantly at 0ppm and the NO3 is rising slowly (now at 20ppm), I can say only one thing...nitrifying bacteria is already present inside this aquarium. By adding Pro Cult, living sand, precured (clean) live rock and Caulerpa algae, this portable Eco-system didn't have much trouble taking off. This tank didn't go through the Cycling process, because I used the "jump starting" method. I am aware that many reefers wouldn't agree with me saying this, but time will tell, and I am going to up-date this blog accordingly.
NOTE; I am not advising inexperienced reefers to do as mentioned above. One should wait for approx 3-4 weeks (test for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate first) for the nitrogen cycle to happen, before adding any live stock. Only someone with years of experience can successfully start an aquarium in short time by using "Jump Starting" cycling method. New reefers, it is important not to rush things in the beginning. Take it slowly, and you will be reworded with a long lasting, stunning reef tank. Note; Ocean is billion of years OLD. It takes time.

And for the reason Caulerpa is a nutrient hungry algae, I added 2 Blue legged Hermit Crabs, 2 "Grey" legged Hermit Crabs, 2 Astrea snails and 5 Mitra sp. snails, that are grazing all over the tank. I also added a few extra shells, and the crabs are using them already. As soon my shop get the Red legged Hermits in, I will swap them with my existing ones.
Mitra sp. snail;
Cyclops female with eggs...extra food for my reef life;
Koralia Nano 900 l/h working well;
Hydor Bio Flow, rotating and directing the water flow in all directions. Great device! It is connected to the Maxi Jet 680 l/h.