The Big start

This 58 L aquarium (Clownfisk Hotell by Imazo) is equipped with a 1000 l/h skimmer, 2 x 18 Watt Blue-white 10000K compact fluorescent lights (+reflectors), heater, Moonlight, UV-light 8 Watt and 2 fans for cooling the lights.
I added 2 extra pumps for a better circulation;
1 Koralia Nano 900 l/h power head,
1 Maxi-Jet PH 680 l/h power head with an extra Hydor Bio Flow rotating out-let,

I am getting approx 6 kg of (precured) liverock at Thursday. I will arrange the rocks first and then top up with 1-2mm coral sand, about 1 cm deep. I will also sprinkle some living sand over the new one (transporting liverock and live sand will take no more than 15 minutes).
I am taking the aged water from my 700 liters shop coral aquarium, that is controlled by my manager (very knowledgeable guy).
After I fill it in I will set the temp to 25´Celsius, and get the pumps to "rock". The lights are on the timer, 12 hours a day.
I will also add the living bacteria culture (doesn't cost much, staff price ) from Amtra Pro Cult , similar to Biospira. This will run for two weeks like this. After 2 weeks are over I will perform my first 20% water change.

I was thinking to introduce Feather Caulerpa algae first, on one side of the tank. I know it propagates fast but would prune it often. I am aware how important role macro algae play in a reef system. Starting with 6 Astrea Snails first (after 2 weeks that is).
Will wait one week, perform 5% water change, and add 5-6 Red legged Hermit Crabs. Again after a week, 5% water change and adding 2-3 Peppermint Shrimps. I believe some Glass Anemones will start growing, so let the shrimps take care of it. No feeding of course.

Week after 5% water change and two Ocellaris will be added. I will start feeding with frozen Artemia. Will let it run like this for a week or two, before I start adding corals.

Corals I will try growing are;
Top center - Euphyllia glabrescens - very aggressive coral if left to grow too close to the others, will keep it "short".
Mid-level - Zooanthus sp. , Turbinaria, Caulastrea, Lobophyllia (will be placed on the opposite side of the power head protected by the living-rock, away from direct current).
Bottom part - Green Star Polyps (Clavularia viridis) on right corner exposed to direct light, Caulerpa algae on the opposite side, in the centre - Trachyphyllia, Fungia, Blastomussa wellsi and Cynarina. If I create a cave inside the living rock I will place one Tubastarea in it since it doesn't require lots of light (will target feed it very often)

I will do monthly 20% water change.